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John Quincy Adams Leadership Association

John Quincy Adams

At the core of every worthwhile endeavor are those whose caring and personal leadership set the course for others. In our community, thousands of generous and caring individuals partner with United Way of Adams County to change lives and build community.

Leadership givers combine public purpose with private giving to make strategic investments in the whole range of health and human service issues in our community. Because United Way of Adams County only funds programs with proven methods that match our community's needs, United Way supporters can be assured that their investments are really making a difference.

Our leadership givers are individuals and couples who contribute $500 or more annually to our community. In the spirit of the great American whose life inspired the naming of our city and county—the John Quincy Adams Leadership Association was established to recognize outstanding contributions to United Way.

During nearly 70 years of public life, Adams gave of himself, his talents and his resources. In public service at age 14, he was still in Congress at the time of his death at age 82. As Secretary of State, he authored the Monroe Doctrine. He was credited with “almost singlehandedly” ending the War of 1812 through his work on the Treaty of Ghent. As Ambassador to Russia, George Washington considered him the most valuable public figure. He fostered the first passenger railroad service and focused on major construction projects such as the Erie Canal. He was a strong proponent of manufacturing and nourished its growth.

John Quincy Adams gave in many ways. He was a planter, builder, statesman, ambassador and President. He became a national hero. John Quincy Adams dreamed of a better world and helped make it happen. United Way of Adams County is pleased to recognize the individuals who are members of the 2016 John Quincy Adams Leadership Association. Click the link below to view the complete list.

John Quincy Adams Leadership Association - 2016

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