United Way of Adams County, Inc.

Health Leadership Delegation

The Community Building Council (CBC) of United Way of Adams County is engaging the community by identifying key concerns and opportunities for growth and advancement. Led by the CBC, teams of community members formed Leadership Delegations in the areas of Education, Health and Income to play a lead role in decision-making about critical issues and create a stronger awareness of those issues.


5210 Logo The Health Leadership Delegation uses the community health assessment to guide its work. That assessment identified several health issue areas, which led to the development of a community-wide health initiative and the creation of Community Solutions Teams to provide more specific focus.


In 2013, the Adams County Health Department launched 5-2-1-0 Let's Go, an initiative aimed at helping Adams County residents of all ages make better choices for a healthier lifestyle. Components of the initiative focus on nutrition and physical activity with the ultimate goal to reduce the obesity rates in Adams County.
Other critical health needs are being addressed by the following Community Solution Teams (CST). Click the link for each CST to learn more about the county findings guiding their work and the community outcomes they seek to improve.
•    Access to Health Care/Oral Health: coordinating the care management efforts of the three primary health care organizations in Adams County.


•    Nutrition & Weight Status/Physical Activity: seeking ways to promote healthy lifestyles to reduce obesity and incidents of chronic disease in children and adults.


•    Maternal, Infant & Child Health: working closely with the Children’s Mental Health Partnership to promote developmental screenings on infants and toddlers.


•    Substance Abuse: alcohol and drug awareness through community promotion and school-specific efforts.


•    Mental Health: developing materials to educate the public about the range of mental health issues in our community and the services available to treat them.


•    Environmental Health: initial focus on recycling with future efforts aimed at radon and blood lead levels in children.


•    Heart Disease & Stroke: exploring a partnership with faith communities and parish nurses to educate adults about the warning signs and how to avoid onset of either ailment.


If you would like to be involved with either the Health Leadership Delegation or one of the Community Solutions Teams, contact the UWAC office.

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