United Way of Adams County, Inc.

Campaign Team

The 2018 United Way Annual Campaign is led by Hal Oakley, Chairman of Schmiedeskamp, Robertson, Neu & Mitchell and Mark Tyrpin, CEO and President of Mercantile Bank. Hal and Mark and the campaign team will work to spread the United Way message and encourage support of the campaign from local businesses, employees and other community members.

As United Way ambassadors, their efforts to network with other professionals and meet with employee groups give a voice to the work being done to make great things happen in Adams County and beyond. We thank the following individuals who are part of our 2018 Campaign Team:

- Ashley Steadman, Blue Cross Blue Shield
- Julie Duke, Blessing Health System
- Nikki Buehler, Sunset Home
- Ben VanNess, WGEM
- Reagan Costigan, Quincy Community Theater
- Joanne Dedert
- Pilar Yates, Quincy University
- Brian Durante, Hansen-Spear Funeral Home

- Rachel St. Clair, First Bankers Trust
- Kelly Seifert, First Bankers Trust
- Tim Moore, Blessing Health System
- Clara Ehrhart, Mercantile Bank
- Elise Tyrpin, Mercantile Bank
- Mark Field, Liberty Bank
- Randy McFarland, Mercantile Bank

- Jim Sours, Retired ADM
- Courtney Saxton, Blue Cross Blue Shield
- Ray Koenig, Knapheide
- Jayne Huseman, Blesssing Health System
- Jim Bockenfeld, Retired Knapheide
- Joyce Watterkotte, Quincy Medical Group
- Luke Bealor, DOT Foods
- Mellissa Douglas, Phibro
- J. David Gilbert, Boy Scouts
- Mary Griffith, StaRadio

- Syndi Peck, Retired Quincy University
- Ron Hageman, Knapheide
- Rachel Ayalew, First Bankers Trust
- Allison Hall, Happel Realty
- Chuck Scholz
- Brad Billings, Retired Blessing Health System

- Ryan Whicker, Quincy Public Schools
- Clarice Hetzler, Retired Advocacy Network
- Sarah Stephens, Horizons
- Randy Shover, Addicts Victorious
- Pam Shaffer, Retired American Red Cross
- Jackie Bruns, Quincy Catholic Charities
- Jenny Hayden, City of Quincy
- Barb Casedy, RSVP
- Todd Lamison, Boy Scouts
- Jim Benz, Retired
- Jen Wingerter, Quincy University




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