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Job seekers in Adams County have a formula for success with a list of skills and qualities that local employers want in their workers. The Adams County Work Readiness Team worked with employers and educators to compile a list of Essential Workplace Skills that are needed by job seekers. More than 30 companies and 20 agencies/educators have endorsed these skills. 

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Inspire Works is a web based program designed to increase communication between students, job seekers, educators and employers. The goal of Inspire Works is to bring the groups together to help individuals achieve their career goals and address the workforce development needs of our community.

- Pre-employment skills include personal preparedness for a job interview and the basic skills needed to search for a job. Applicants need to be dressed properly for a job search, have good grooming and make sure they have a resume in the right format. Many job seekers also need basic computer skills to apply for jobs online and access to email to communicate with potential employers.

- Foundational skills include a strong work ethic, time management skills, the ability to read and understand material, a can-do attitude, listening skills, goal setting, written and oral communication skills, computer skills, a sense of citizenship, basic math skills and the ability to adapt.

- High-performance skills include creativity, critical thinking skills, a willingness to show initiative, innovation, leadership skills, a desire for life-long learning, problem solving skills, reasoning and logic, self-esteem, the ability to work in teams, technological skills and advanced written communication skills.

The Adams County Work Readiness team consists of business, education and social service representatives from across Adams County. The group's mission is to develop work ready citizens to become successful, productive members of the regional workforce.

In talking with employers, many are seeing job seekers with a lack of soft skills. Those can be difficult to teach and often are not included in traditional class work.

The development and community-wide endorsement of the Essential Workplace Skills the first step to help job seekers - from first time youth to seasoned adults - experience workplace success.

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