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Community Data

Community Data

Consistent study and review of community level data capturing quality of life indicators in our region is a critical component of community building efforts led by United Way. Volunteers participating in all aspects of community building engage in meaningful and rich discussions to learn about community issues and promising practices. They have a lead role in the formation, implementation, and updating of long range visions to meet the most critical needs in our community, in studying trends that affect our community, and recommending ways in which we can make an impact on these trends through the mobilization of financial, volunteer and community resources. 
University of Illinois Extension has long collaborated with United Way in various aspects of community building beginning with the formation of the Alliance for Building Community with partners the Adams County Health Department and the Blessing Health System. Like the world around us, our community building work is constantly evolving. The United Way approach to community building is designed to foster partnerships, open lines of communication and effectively direct resources to address challenging issues in changing times.
Relevant data allows our community partners to make informed decisions, offer quality programs and evaluate project outcomes. United Way is pleased to provide links to such data and assist others to reach their goals and pursue long-term strategies that ensure Adams County continues to be a wonderful place to live, to work, to play, to raise a family, to build a career or to retire.
The Extension compiled the Data for Decision Makers guidebook that highlights access free, publically available data resources. Links to sections of this guidebook are included below, organized by topics to assist your search. Where possible, additional links to data specific to local counties have been added:

Quick Facts: Adams County Community Needs Assessment - 2018

CLICK HERE for the 'Vision 2021st' Strategic Plan. 


Data by Topic:

Employment Data
Environment, Natural Resources & Recreation
Growth & Housing
Infrastructure Data
Public Safety
Social Indicators


By focusing on community level outcomes, we invest our resources into programs that lead to lasting change – which is evident in Adams County. Just in the last year, our area has been named a top community for Baby Boomers. Quincy has been listed as the sixth most affordable place to live in Illinois as well as one of the best small communities for college graduates. In addition, reports show that teen pregnancy is the on the decline in Adams County and unemployment is nearing record low rates. These are not just good news headlines. This is proof that our collaborative efforts are having a positive impact on the quality of life in Adams County.