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Community Builders

The United Way Community Building Council (CBC) guides the development of programs, partnerships and collaborations working to make Adams County a region where children are born healthy, students are prepared to succeed in school, and families/individuals can manage basic needs and save for the future. 

CBC members are community leaders representing local businesses, foundations, human service providers, education, healthcare and government.
Reporting to the CBC are three Leadership Delegations (LD) each focusing on one of the three building blocks of a good life – Education, Financial Stability, and Health. Serving on the delegations are program supervisors/staff working on the front lines in each of these sectors. By serving on a leadership delegation, these experts encourage networking, collaboration and partnerships across the sector.
The focus and structure of the Delegations have evolved based on unique needs of the sector. Each group oversees the work of an Impact Area Initiative developed as a result of program gaps identified by the delegation. The Health Delegation also advises a number of Community Solution Teams (CST) working on very specific community issues. In some cases, the CSTs are new groups and in other cases, existing groups/coalitions are affiliated as a CST to provide stronger collaboration and prevent duplication of efforts. An example of this can be seen in the affiliation of the All Our Kids (AOK) Coalition and the Substance Abuse Coalition.  More than 150 volunteers are actively involved in this work.
  • Education Delegation

  • Financial Stability Delegation

  • Health Delegation