Disaster Recovery

Focus and Scope

Established in 1994, the Adams County VOAD is a local network of human service agencies, faith-based organizations and local businesses that have a role to play in the aftermath of disaster. The team works together sharing information and resources during the immediate response and throughout long term recovery efforts. United Way of Adams County took on the role of leadership of VOAD because of its relationship with human service agencies and its mission as convener around issues of importance which concern the community. Meetings are held quarterly unless an emergency need arises due to a disaster related event. VOAD has representation at the Adams County Emergency Operations Center in time of disaster and vital relationships with both Illinois VOAD and other regional chapters throughout the state.

Coordinated Response

Human services agencies, faith-based organizations and local businesses each have a unique role to play when natural disasters strike. Adams County VOAD member agencies work with local government partners to see that immediate needs are addressed and that long term recovery efforts are efficient and not duplicated. Through our collaborative partnerships, VOAD facilitates communication, gathers resources and effectively mobilizes volunteer manpower to respond to the needs of the community. VOAD works with other state and national organizations as needed. Adams County VOAD welcomes the involvement of other agencies, organizations and businesses with resources to share in the event of a disaster.

National Connections

National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster was founded in 1970 in response to the challenges faced following Hurricane Camille, which hit the Gulf Coast in August 1969. The founding organizations were committed to fostering the four C’s: communication, coordination, collaboration and cooperation in order to better serve people impacted by disasters. National VOAD is a leader and voice for the nonprofit organizations and volunteers that work in all phases of disaster—preparedness, response, relief, recovery and mitigation. National VOAD is the primary point of contact for voluntary organization in the National Response Coordination Center (at FEMA headquarters) and is a signatory to the National Response Plan.