Community Services

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United Way of Adams County provides several services directly to the community.....discounts on medicine through the FamilyWize Drug Discount Card; free help to file state and federal income taxes through the VITA program and the Help Line for information on community resources.

In addition to these programs that deliver direct assistance to clients, United Way coordinates a number of community committees that foster collaboration among the social service agencies in Adams County. This work allows United Way to maintain an active presence within the social service network and provides hands-on exposure to challenging conditions within the community.
  • Job seekers in Adams County have a formula for success with a list of skills and qualities that local employers want in their workers. The Adams County Work Readiness Team worked with employers and educators to compile a list of Essential Workplace Skills that are needed by job seekers. More than 30 companies and 20 agencies/educators have endorsed these skills.

FamilyWize Prescription Discount Card:

  • United Way is a national partner in the FamilyWize Prescription Discount Program. Locally, we support this program by distributing discount cards to residents, social service agencies and healthcare providers in Adams and Pike counties. The FamilyWize Discount Card results in an average $250,000 in savings to individuals and families per year.

United Way Help Line:

  • Last year 1,243 calls were made to the United Way HelpLine with requests for information and assistance. Help to pay rent and utilities as well as transportation to medical appointments top the list of most requested needs. In addition to connecting people to community resources, many clients also required more in-depth advocacy to help them navigate the social service system.

Quincy Area Partnership for Unmet Needs:

  • The Unmet Needs Partnership is committed to its mission to provide help when all other resources have been exhausted. During FY2020, the Partnership allocated $21,808 in financial assistance that impacted 242 different cases.

InterAgency Council:

  • Convened by United Way, the Adams County InterAgency Council meets monthly to give local social service agencies the opportunity to network with each other and to learn more about local resources. This Council is vital to maintain collaborative and cooperative relationships that lead to more efficient and effective referrals between agencies.

Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD):

  • The Adams County VOAD committee mobilizes the faith community, local businesses and social services to respond to disaster recovery needs within the county. United Way serves as the lead agency to coordinate this team and prepare them to respond when needed.

Emergency Food & Shelter Program (EFSP):

  • United Way of Adams County is the coordinating agency for the local board of the national EFSP, which manages EFSP funds awarded to Adams, Brown, Hancock and Pike Counties. EFSP funds are directed to local agencies for the purpose of rent and utility assistance and to help maintain food pantry inventories.