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Thank you to the Community Foundation for your generous gift of $40,000 towards our Adams County Together (A.C.T.) relief fund.

“These funds are for the people of West Central Illinois, and the Community Foundation is grateful for the opportunity to steward them on behalf of the Illinois COVID-19 Response Fund and partner with local nonprofits to quickly deploy them where and how they are needed most,” said Catherine Bocke Meckes, Community Foundation Chief Executive Officer.”
Catherine Bocke Meckes (right) of the Community Foundation Serving West Central Illinois and Northeast Missouri presents Jeremy Wingerter (left) of United Way of Adams County a check for $40,000 to be used for the A.C.T. relief fund. The amount given was in conjunction with the Illinois COVID-19 Response Fund (IRCF).


Knapheide donates to United Way A.C.T. relief fund

Money from the fund can be used for businesses, nonprofit organizations, religious organizations and individuals.

United Way of Adams County announced Friday, April 3 that Knapheide Manufacturing Co. contributed $50,000 to the Adams County Together Fund. United Way established the relief fund last month, but under the direction of Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore renamed it the 'Adams County Together Fund' to make more of a collective impact throughout.