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Partner Organizations

In the past, United Way of Adams County looked at problems in our our community and at potential responses through the filter of our funded agencies. Today, United Way looks at every opportunity, including the work of partner organizations, through the filter of community impact. Together we can solve the most pressing problems in Adams County by investing in programs that deliver meaningful, measurable results.
United Way is proud to work with partner organizations who are passionate about making lasting changes and improving lives. Children ready to succeed, youth on track, families living well, and safety net/crisis services have been identified as priority impact areas. As a result, United Way invests in programs that work toward achieving more specific objectives within those areas. Our long-term goals are divided into four objectives:
  1. Children acheive developmental milestones needed to succeed in school.

  2. Youth are prepared to become accountable adults.

  3. Families are safe and protected, healthy and economically self-sufficient.

  4. Stabilizing lives by providing for basic needs

Money raised in United Way's annual campaign is reinvested into programs throughout Adams County run by the partner organizations listed below



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Thanks to the generosity of the thousands of individuals and over 200 area businesses and private foundations who pledge support during our annual campaign, United Way is now investing $650,000 through grants to 27 local partner agency programs. Grants are determined by a 35-member panel of community volunteers assembled through United Way’s resource investment process. Volunteers make site visits to assess each program and experience first-hand how their services result in measurable impact for the clients they serve. The 7-week process emphasizes the importance of accountability, transparency, and community impact in health, education, and financial stability.  

United Way provides leadership, fiscal services and support for the following agencies/collaborations:

If you would like more information on becoming a partner agency, please contact our Executive Director, Jenna Hull.